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What to expect

ATCi primarily recruits in Easter Europe. For example, the Ukraine is one such country and its people have a strong work ethic, similar to Austria and Germany but unlike  western Europe or the USA, most of the talented resources there prefer a career in Information Technology rather than in Medicine, Law or Finance. In other words, their top talented student prefer a career in software development and Information Technology. Hence, the resources their are very disciplined in their algorithmic approach. They produce high levels of quality in their work while adhering to strict deadlines. The ATCi management team  has more than 25 years of collective experience working with Ukrainian  as well as  other Eastern European resources. We know how to attract and retain the most qualified talent for your requirements.

Specific skill-sets

The ATCI Technology Disruption Index (TDI)  is derived from a series of questions that help us to pin point the level of impact a product is going to make on the market. These questions are time sensitive and are always changing to adapt to the latest technology advancements. TDI is a practical index because it also correlates market timing to market requirements.

ATCi partnered with other  Sales-as-a-Service companies, globally to accelerate your customer acquisition time. 

Current ATCi resources are skilled in all aspects of embedded software development, in security technologies,  in video and audio concepts, and  in the latest advancements in network function virtualization, machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. Our domain expertise continues to expand into other emerging technologies.  With recently gained Incremental expertise in modern data structures, Machine Learning techniques, new algorithmic approaches in software as well as project management using both hybrid  agile/water fall processes.   

Post-audit, your customized proposal will include both front-end sales support as well as back-end engineering and software development support.

Current projects

One of our ongoing engagements is with a US-based Network Equipment Manufacturer (NEM) in the North East. They opted for the Staff Augmentation engagement model. ATCi provides incremental talent to the existing team including three senior software developers, a senior QA and Automation Engineer, a Software Project Manager and a Product Manager. The team is coupled with the local NEM Engineering team to build a DevOps platform that enables multiple revenue-generating services. It also  provides on-the-fly software updates in the field, which allows them to offer subscription-based services-on-demand. Its modular firmware is virtually agnostic to the hardware it inhabits. It is ported on top of different types of hardware, including custom hardware with or without merchant ASICs. Its northbound interfaces adapt to third-party management tools, as well. The team is expanding and will reach 15 resources, shortly.